Several young families are helping to build Bozeman’s first cohousing community.

Cohousing is a new type of neighborhood with private homes, shared amenities and a strong sense of community.

We are building the literal village that it takes to raise a child.

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We wanted an old-fashioned neighborhood where kids are outside playing, and you don’t have to cross a street or drive across town to visit friends.

Kathleen & Denali, age 6

Imagine knowing all your neighbors.

A multi-generational support system is right outside your front door.

Parking is on the exterior, making a car-free safe space for kids to play. Kids can walk to their friends’ houses or go to the playground without crossing a street.

We’ve got your back

Because we know all our neighbors, we have an excellent neighborhood watch system built in to our communities, as someone who does not belong in the community is very easily recognized.

If your child falls off a swing when he or she is out of your immediate sight line, another adult will surely pick him or her up.

There’s more than one person to watch out for the property of an absent resident. “All eyes on the common areas” means that even in quite an urban area, many cohousers will feel comfortable leaving their front door unlocked when they go to the common house to pick up laundry.

Let the kids get their hands dirty.

Shared gardens, an orchard and baby goats 😍 provide activities and educational opportunities for children.

The property boasts a spacious natural area and creek with direct access to the Main Street to Mountains trail system.

We want to live in a connected, supportive and safe neighborhood.

Chad, Megan & Annelise, age 5

Imagine not having to cook dinner every night!

Or sending the kids to the common house play room while lounging in the hot tub!

Members share a large common house with dining area and kitchen where optional community meals are held multiple times per week.

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  • Supportive & friendly neighborhood
  • Shared open spaces & natural features
  • No-stress community meals
  • Dedicated kids areas