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Creating an Edible landscape

Growing food and cooking are two of many ways that Bozeman Cohousing intends to foster community connections and relationships, and yet cohousing is not about sharing everything. Well-designed private homes have traditional amenities, including a full kitchen, creating a balance of personal privacy, and neighborhood engagement.

Our cohousing property will support a variety of gardening features, including greenhouses, raised beds, a hoop house, compost facilities, convenient well-sourced irrigation systems, and deer-proof fencing. The glass-enclosed atrium provides an oasis for year-round herb and greens gardening at arm’s reach from the common kitchen.


Cohousing property will maintain several greenhouses and shared garden beds along with a small orchard.

self sustaining

We’re raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats, providing milk, natural weed control, and educational opportunities for children.

Common house

Professional Common House kitchen, pantry and root cellar facilities make for bountiful group meals.

Community Dinners

No-obligation community dinners happen 5 nights a week, members can join whenever they’d like.

Our Eco-Friendly Features

Net-zero energy footprint

Solar energy is sustainable, renewable, and plentiful. All homes will be equipped with solar arrays and efficient electric appliances to offset energy costs, reduce environmental impact and contribute to energy independence.

Community car-share program

Cohousing members have the opportunity to participate in a community car-share program that reduces the need for parking, creating more shared green space. Practical and convenient, a vehicle is available when you need it, and saves money over owning your own car.

Energy-efficient private home designs

Homes are designed to be well-insulated with low carbon augmented heating through wood stoves and space-saving electric fireplaces. Passive solar design provides great interior natural light and saves money, reducing heating requirements by up to 25%.

Natural creek and wetland area

Matthew Bird Creek runs through the eastern edge of the property flanked by mature trees and wetland vegetation. We’re working with Gallatin Valley Land Trust and Gallatin Watershed Council to develop and collaborate on stream restoration projects to preserve and reintroduce native grasses, wildflowers and shrubs.



Our community imagined

On a Bozeman property framed by the iconic mountain ranges of Southwest Montana, a handful of soon-to-be neighbors pitch to one another a variety of fruit trees they hope to grow together. Though the ground they stand on is dusted in snow, creativity abounds as they excitedly imagine biting into persimmons, figs, and citrus is grown in their own neighborhood. While the Montana clime is a foe to such sweet treasures, the enclosed atrium they plan to build is designed to allow for such tasty phenomena to be grown in a more Mediterranean-like environment.

The atrium is just part of the plan for Bozeman Cohousing, a neighborhood of people committed to living in a close community with one another. The property is bare, save for an old barn which currently houses a trip of charismatic goats, but will soon be vibrant with homes, gardens, and edible landscaping—collectively called an “agrihood.”

Community Facts

  •  5.3 acres, 2 miles from downtown Bozeman, connected to trail-system

  • Contemporary two-story townhomes and single-level flats for sale

  • Construction to begin Fall 2021 

  • All homes are solar-equipped and energy-efficient

  • Shared open spaces include an atrium, workshop, kids play areas

  • Multi-generational community creates a family support system 


What our community members say

“I love the idea of my son, Ash, growing up with friends and community in a co-housing setting. I picture him running out the door to find friends playing outside or in the common house, or going on hikes and other outdoor adventures together.”

– Stacie


What our community members say

“That sense of connection really goes beyond the dinner table. I hate
cooking for myself…but the moment you have somebody to cook for, it’s a gift.”

– Steve Allison-Bunnell