About Us

About the group

Started in April 2019, the Bozeman Cohousing group is in the early stages of forming. We are currently looking for individuals and families who would like to join us. Get involved by attending meetings or social events.  If you are interested in learning more, please join our email list or send us a message.

Member Profiles

Mark, Kathleen, Denali (5), and Lochlan (2)
We have lived in Bozeman for 5 years.  Mark is an assistant professor at MSU.  Kathleen stays home with the kids and will begin homeschooling in the fall.  We are outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about sustainability and environmental conservation.  We started Bozeman Cohousing because we wanted an old-fashioned neighborhood where kids are outside playing, you don’t have to cross a street or drive across town to visit friends, and we can enjoy social interaction with other adults.  We are most looking forward to having a diverse multi-generational community.  We think the biggest perk of cohousing will be the community dinners.

I have lived in Bozeman for 4 years – but have been a visitor many times over the past 20 years. Currently, I am a professor of mathematics at MSU with a focus in Education. My hobbies include such Bozeman classics as skiing, hiking and going to the farmers market. I also enjoy walking other people’s dogs, hip-hop (both dancing & music) and karaoke. I grew up in the inner city in Rochester, NY which provided me with an authentic neighborhood experience as a child. Prior to moving to Bozeman, I lived and worked at in international boarding school in the swiss alps that focused on community building and personal growth. (https://www.ecole.ch/en/welcome) I am excited to be part of growing a co-housing community in Bozeman.

Katherine first moved to Bozeman in her late 20s to work for a startup tech firm. She had previously spent several seasons working overseas for VISIONS Service Adventures, an international teen community service program. After a few years in tech, she did contract work for a few conservation nonprofits and earned an MBA from the University of Montana. She later became director/owner of VISIONS and moved the headquarters to Bozeman in 2010. Katherine is a native of Montana (Billings) and feels deeply rooted to the communities and landscape here. She’s interested in the cohousing concept because it sounds fun, supportive and environmentally aligned with her values.

Erik and Joi
We love that in Bozeman we have access to the diverse Montana wilds, while also being able to live a walking/biking lifestyle in town. You might see us in Cooper Park with our lab/husky, Utek, who loves other dogs, people, and kids. We also might cross paths on the backcountry ski skin track, climbing crag, or bike trail. Joi gets her fix for kids working part-time at a daycare while she’s in school for another year and a half earning her elementary education degree. Erik teaches architecture at MSU, and has worked designing cohousing communities and other sustainability-focused projects across the US and abroad. We plan to become parents soon and are excited to raise our child(ren) in an environment full of friends and neighbors of diverse ages and species. As adults we are excited for the relationships and support of a community of neighbors, which Erik misses from his time living in two housing cooperatives in his 20s. We can’t wait to live in Bozeman Cohousing.

Nan, Rollin, & Linda
Rollin moved to Bozeman 13 years ago to teach art at Montana State. He divides his time between teaching at MSU, working on his art, and spending summers in Europe. He’s currently working on a dissertation for a PhD in Philosophy. His mom, Nan, is a recently retired mainframe programmer / wannabe writer who has been longing to move out to Montana since visiting Glacier National Park at age 10.

Linda and Nan have been best friends since 8th grade and are thinking about merging households to help each other with expenses. Lin was once a legal secretary but has been out of the workforce for some time. Nan currently lives in Columbus Ohio while Lin lives in Painesville Ohio. We are interested in an intergenerational community and are excited about the opportunity to build an eco-friendly lifestyle together with like-minded people. Nan and Lin both have dogs (Guinness, St. Paddy, Lola, and Jack), and Nan and Rollin love hiking. We want to KNOW our neighbors and are looking forward to shared dinners and the occasional conversation over wine or beer while looking at mountains. Or coming in from snowshoeing for some hot chocolate.

Eric, Carolina (care-oh-LEE-nuh), Elsie (5), and Lenora (2)
Carolina loves caring for houseplants and her family, possibly in that order. She works from home helping startup founders stay on top of their legal paperwork. Eric also works from home as a full-time stay-at-home dad. With our extended families a thousand miles away in opposite directions, work and kids fill most days and it’s difficult to cultivate a strongly connected community. Carolina grew up in a multi-generational household and we spent the first two years of our marriage with a close community of friends and neighbors in Naples, Italy. These experiences added to our desire for connectedness, while our modern lives so easily lead to isolation. We’re very excited to be a part of this cohousing community. It has already added so much to our daily lives, and there’s so much more to come!

Bozeman, MT

Bozeman, MT is a city with a population near 50,000 located in the Rocky Mountains. The mountains provide access to many sports including hiking, biking, climbing, and skiing. The city is home to Montana State University, art and music venues, a wide range of restaurants, and the largest airport in Montana. Bozeman is often ranked in the top places to live.