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Learn about cohousing and our project

  • Explore this website to find out more about our vision for the community, our members, and cohousing in general.
  • Join our email list to stay up-to-date on events and project progress by completing this form
  • Attend one of our public events and talk with some of our members. Upcoming events are posted here and are sent out to our email list.
  • You can learn more about cohousing by reading either of the following books: Creating Cohousing and The Senior Cohousing Handbook and going to the website of the Cohousing Association of the United States at The former is available locally at the Country Bookstore.
  • Anyone of the current community members would be glad to schedule a “coffee” to help you think through whether this might the special neighborhood for you.
  • If you plan to get a mortgage, you can confirm how much loan you can qualify for by asking your bank, credit union, or mortgage broker to pre-qualify you for a loan. Tell them you are looking at buying a condo (mentioning cohousing will just confuse them, just tell them you want a standard condo loan). This is also a good time to check your credit rating to see if there are any mistakes or issues you can resolve before you really need your purchase loan. The advantage of doing this early in the process is that you have time to improve your credit rating and loan prospects during the development process.
  • Wondering what your current house might sell for? Contact your realtor.  (If you are looking for a recommendation, our group is working with Dianne Click with Bozeman Brokers.)  They can help you find comparable sales and plan for how and when to consider selling your home.
  • Worried about downsizing and how you’re going to get rid of all the stuff: Take a look at the book: Rightsizing Your Life by Ciji Ware

Ready to find out more?

  • Become an Explorer and pay a $100 non-refundable Explorer Fee (check made out to Bozeman Cohousing).  If you decide our community is not the right place for you, or if it’s not the right time, we understand. We’ll credit your Explorer Fee should you want to take another look later.
  • Explorers should schedule an orientation meeting to go over the status of the community’s development, investment structure, how to reserve a home, and any other questions you may have.  At the orientation meeting, we can discuss getting you a “buddy” in the community to help answer your questions as you move through the membership process. You are encouraged to attend all our business meetings and social events to get to know us and get a better feel for how we work.

Reserve your spot in the community

  • Become an Member and pay a $400 Membership Fee (check made out to Bozeman Cohousing). If you decide the project is not for you before land is purchased, you can request this fee is refunded if and when construction is complete.
  • As a member, you are expected to become fully involved and attend community meetings, participate in and help organize social events, and use your talents to make the project a success.
  • The date you become a Member holds your seniority spot for unit selection and allows you to reserve a specific unit in the Community—to be held as long as you continue to actively fulfill the other requirements for full membership.