2023 Move-In

Hometown—Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman, MT is a city with a population near 50,000 located in the Rocky Mountains. The mountains provide access to many outdoor sports including hiking, biking, climbing and skiing. The city is home to Montana State University, art and music venues, a wide range of restaurants and the largest airport in Montana. Bozeman is often ranked in the top places to live.

Location of the Bozeman Cohousing Neighborhood

Bozeman Cohousing owns land in south Bozeman located at 3120 Wagon Wheel Road. The property is 5.3 acres and features a stream and views of the mountains to the east. The property is 1.5 miles to MSU, two miles from downtown, and is adjacent to the Main Street to the Mountains trail network. Elementary and middle schools are less than a mile away. Learn more…

About Cohousing

Cohousing is an intentional community that promotes spontaneous interactions with communal dinners, pedestrian pathways, and shared open spaces. A community where people know each other allows residents to share resources to live more sustainably and support each other. The neighborhood provides community at your doorstep and privacy in your own home. Cohousing is a way of living and all are welcome. Learn more…

About Us

We are creating a multi-generational neighborhood that gathers regularly and knows each other personally. We are already enjoying the friendship and support of this fun group of people! There is a focus on sustainability with high quality construction, food production on site, and sharing of resources. Working together, we are well on our way to building our neighborhood in south Bozeman, and still have space for additional resident home owners to join us. Learn more …