Vision: Bozeman Cohousing is a way of living together in a carefully created physical environment. In our community, we gather regularly and know each other personally; we are supportive, respectful, flexible, and friendly with one another, and we are committed to equitable shared governance. Our community is designed and constructed with a focus on sustainability, which our lifestyles also reflect. Our community has a variety of shared spaces; our homes are well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing.

Cohousing Provides:


spontaneous interactions, communal dinners, pedestrian pathways, open space, and planned gatherings occur in cohousing


sharing resources such as guest rooms, workshop, gardens, and environmentally friendly structures reduces impact


neighbors to help with child care, odd jobs, and in times of need allowing for aging in place

Nurturing and safe environment

pedestrian friendly design, place for children to play and grow with a community of all ages


access to community is balanced with personal private housing


open to all, no shared religious or political affiliation of the group