About Cohousing

Overview of Cohousing

Cohousing is an intentionally planned community of smaller private homes and a large community house.  The homes provide private space.  The community house is where families gather and spend time together most days and usually includes a large dinning area, kitchen, workshop, children area, laundry, and guest rooms.  With this setup, cohousing encourages a culture of sharing and interaction with a balance of privacy. Residence choose through their level of involvement in community activities.  In a typical setup, homes are tightly clustered, leaving space for orchards, organic gardens, play fields, forested land, and small gathering spaces along pedestrian pathways

Cohousing creates a village where

  • children go out their door and play with friends in a safe environment (as the space is designed with cars on the periphery and people on the interior).
  • adults interact frequently (e.g., nightly dinners) without having to arrange times to meet
  • neighbors know each other and provide a support system in times of need
  • people share infrequently used items (lawn mower, tools, etc.) reducing the cost and waste of purchasing these items separately
  • residents do not share the same ideology, other than a desire to be part of a community that knows and supports their neighbors