About Cohousing

Cohousing is an intentionally planned community of private homes and shared common spaces. The homes are modestly sized, modern and built in clusters. The common space includes gardens, pathways, amenities, and a large common house where members spend time together for meals and activities. By design, cohousing encourages a culture of sharing and interaction with a balance of privacy. Residents choose their level of involvement in community activities, and a theme prevails where neighbors become lifelong friends.

Cohousing creates a village where….

  • children go out their door and play with friends in a safe environment (the space is designed with cars on the periphery and people on the interior)
  • adults interact frequently (e.g., nightly dinners) without having to arrange times to meet
  • neighbors know each other and provide a support system in times of need
  • people share things like lawn mowers, tools and other supplies in order to reduce costs and the amount of material items
  • residents do not necessarily share the same ideologies, other than a desire to be a part of a community that knows and supports their neighbors.