Project Overview


Bozeman Cohousing is under contract for land in south Bozeman located at 3120 Wagon Wheel Rd. The property is 5.3 acres and features a stream and views of the mountains to the east. The location is 1 mile from MSU, 2 miles from downtown, and is adjacent to the Mainstreet-to-Mountains trail network. Elementary and Middle schools are less than a mile away.

Professional Support

Cohousing Solutions provides development consulting and marketing services. Led by Katie McCamant, who has been developing, designing, and living in cohousing for 30+ years.

Studio Co+Hab is our architect. This team has significant experience designing cohousing communities including Quimper Village and Fair Oaks Ecohousing. Studio Co+Hab will facilitate a participatory design process with a focus on sustainability.

Our architect is working with Caddis Collaborative an architecture, urban design, and planning firm. Caddis is a leader in sustainable design, zero net energy buildings, and livable communities. Their work aspires to environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Our architect is leveraging the expertise of the Integrated Design Lab in Bozeman, MT. The Integrated Design Lab provides energy and lighting analysis so we can create designs that reduce our environmental impacts and energy consumptions.

Bozeman, MT

Bozeman, MT is a city with a population near 50,000 located in the Rocky Mountains. The mountains provide access to many sports including hiking, biking, climbing, and skiing. The city is home to Montana State University, art and music venues, a wide range of restaurants, and the largest airport in Montana. Bozeman is often ranked in the top places to live.