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Member Spotlight: Joanne Bunnell - Joanne has a passion for learning new skills and living a life of novelty. Her love for learning started with… Continue Reading
Member Spotlight: Roy Bunnell - Roy is passionate about his work and loves to problem-solve. Roy graduated from the University of Utah as a ceramic… Continue Reading
Member Happenings: Fall, felling and reclaiming - The property at Wagon Wheel is starting to transform, just like the gradual changing of the leaves around Bozeman. As… Continue Reading
Member Spotlight: Erika Share - Erika has lived a unique life of adventure, and, in one word, Erika describes herself as thoughtful. She thinks she’s… Continue Reading
Member Spotlight: Chad Welborn - In one word, Chad describes himself as thoughtful. He tries to consider other positions and how his decisions will affect… Continue Reading
Member Happenings: Cohousers, we get the job done! - We're digging in and getting tons of prep work and site beautification done before construction starts in earnest. Continue Reading
Member Happenings: Summer Creations - Summer in Bozeman is in full-swing, which means more opportunities to get out to our beautiful 5.3 acres and gather… Continue Reading
Member Happenings: Spring Serenades - We like adventures, both real and magical! Continue Reading
Searching For Home - One of the things I never anticipated worrying about was housing. But when I started looking for available housing options,… Continue Reading
Consensus-Based Decision Making: What For and How? - After almost two months of review, discussion, and proposals on the Design Development process, we have agreed on all the… Continue Reading
Member Happenings: Glimpses of New Life - We like adventures, both real and magical! Continue Reading
Member Happenings: Spring’s just around the corner (right?) - Shoulder season in Montana means fun in the snow with a T-shirt on! Continue Reading
Member Happenings: Winter Escapes - We like adventures, both real and magical! Continue Reading
Envisioning Life In Our Interior Spaces - After almost two months of review, discussion, and proposals on the Design Development process, we have agreed on all the… Continue Reading
Member Happenings: Holiday Traditions - Snapshots of member activities over the last month. Holiday treats and traditions at home, and time and space for outdoor… Continue Reading
Design Details and the Net-Zero Vision for Bozeman Cohousing - It’s getting real, folks! Last week Bozeman Cohousing members convened for not one but two marathon “Design Development Workshops.” Our… Continue Reading
Member Happenings: Community nourishment - Snapshots of member activities over the last month. Beautiful days, food-making together, even a photo shoot!  Continue Reading
Cohousing Is a Cure for Couch Potato Syndrome and Nature Deficit Disorder - Between the pandemic and winter coming on, it’s easy to find oneself feeling like one of the last remaining humans… Continue Reading
Member Spotlight: Steve Allison-Bunnell - What’s your hometown & current location?I grew up in Portland, Oregon and went to college at the University of Oregon… Continue Reading
A Game of Cat and Mouse, Part 2 - Leila the cat wasn’t keen on being woken up from her slumber, but she heard a faint scuttling on the… Continue Reading
Member Happenings: Winter on the way… or here? - Cohousers enjoy the work and play of getting ready for the Montana winter. Continue Reading
Member Happenings: What we’ve been up to - Anna and Marci making a shoebox float. MSU Homecoming had a virtual parade instead of a real one due to… Continue Reading
A Game of Cat and Mouse - Squeaks didn’t want to leave her comfy pin-cushion-bed or spool-of-thread table, but she was hungry... Continue Reading
Mini Member Spotlight: Denali - Denali, age 6by Aurora, age 11 Do you have any pets? Denali has one pet, a dog named Pickles. What… Continue Reading
Member Spotlight: Megan Welborn - Hometown & current location: I grew up in Kansas and then my family moved to Forsyth, MT my senior year… Continue Reading
Horses: “The hospitality around here is excellent.” - The destruction and displacement caused by the Bridger Foothills fire has been front and center in our town over Labor… Continue Reading
Member Spotlight: Will McDowell - Originally from Virginia, Will first discovered Montana at age 17 when he took a job on the Sargent Ranch in… Continue Reading
T-minus 3 – 2 – 1 – NET ZERO! - That’s right. Bozeman Cohousing has officially declared net zero carbon intentions. We’ve set aside $400,000 of our budget to equip… Continue Reading
Aspens, Elevations, and Inspiration - Design Synthesis Workshop by Katie Gilbertson It wasn’t until after the site, common house, and private homes were designed by… Continue Reading
The Aesthetics of Bozeman Cohousing - Architects, Erik Bonnett and Mathilde Berthe from Studio CoHab, walk us through the process used to generate the proposed aesthetic… Continue Reading
“Make little decisions with your head and big decisions with your heart.” - Advice from a new member by Anne Johnson A community created by neighbors with a shared vision for sustainability and… Continue Reading
Member Spotlight: Marni Rolston - Here's a little about our family:  I'm married to Jed Huseby; we have two children, Ida May, 15, and Sorin,… Continue Reading
Homes are selling fast. Don’t wait to join! - The progression of a cohousing development is continually moving from the abstract to the concrete.  When Bozeman Cohousing first began… Continue Reading
Cohousing Spotlight: Aliyah - Aliyah is part of the VISIONS group that is helping with demolition at Bozeman Cohousing. She arrived in Montana for… Continue Reading
Demolitions Begins, With a Little Help from Our Friends - Building healthy communities in Montana Since Bozeman was first homesteaded, the site of Bozeman Cohousing has been a small farm.… Continue Reading
Member Spotlight: Lynn Hellenga - The first eighteen years of my life were spent in Devils Lake, North Dakota. The same home town both of… Continue Reading
Ever Dreamed of a Neighborhood without Traffic? - Then you’ve maybe been dreaming about Bozeman Cohousing. The neighborhood is designed as a neighborhood should be—where communing with neighbors,… Continue Reading
Partnering with Cadius Partners – Developer & Builder - Cohousing Builder chosen with expertise on sustainable communities Bozeman Cohousing has some exciting news! We recently partnered with Cadius Partners,… Continue Reading
Member Spotlight: Kathleen Owkes - Kathleen Owkes is one of the founding members and visionaries of Bozeman Cohousing. She works tirelessly on everything from membership… Continue Reading
Spontaneity - A Key Ingredient to Meaningful Social Interaction with Your Neighbors When was the last time you scheduled a dinner out… Continue Reading
Post-Pandemic Hopes for Kids’ Unstructured Time - Another Reason Why Bozeman Cohousing Offers a Great Neighborhood to Raise Kids Before the pandemic, one thing that most Americans… Continue Reading
The Modern Cup of Sugar - “To borrow a cup of sugar” reminds us of our parents' or grandparents' days.  If they needed a cup of… Continue Reading
We All Need a Village - It may take a village to raise a child, but we forget that adults also need a village and strong… Continue Reading
Atrium - Have you heard we're planning to have an atrium in our community building? What an amazing, warm, sunny space to… Continue Reading
Common House Workshop - Guest architect Bryan Bowen from Caddis Collaborative in Boulder, CO led us through a two-day workshop to design the shared… Continue Reading
In Search Of - The following are real messages sent out on Nevada City Cohousing’s email list with the ubiquitous subject line “ISO” which… Continue Reading