Payments for Membership

Use the links on this page to purchase membership and event registrations. Note that making purchases on this site includes a handling fee of 3.49%+$0.49, which is charged by PayPal. You can avoid these charges by mailing a check to Bozeman Cohousing, 318 S. 9th Ave., Bozeman, MT 59715 or bring a check to the next event.

Membership in Bozeman Cohousing

Becoming a member of Bozeman Cohousing is done in two stages. The first is called the Explorer ($100) stage. As an Explorer, you will be given access to materials and current Members’ time to learn more about the group and cohousing. The next stage is the Membership stage ($400 and the completion of the Prospective Member Checklist), which gives you a voice in decisions and secures your place in the community.

$100 Explorer Fee per Household
$400 Membership Fee per Household