A Game of Cat and Mouse, Part 2

by Aurora Gilbertson

(read Part 1 here)

Leila stretched and stood up, she wandered off her fluffy pillow and down the stairs to the kitchen, she wasn’t keen on being woken up from her slumber, but she heard a faint scuttling on the tiled floor, and she was in the mood to play.

“I suppose Jack has let his pet tarantula out again,” she sighed, “What was his name again? Larry? Gary? Oh whatever.” She continued a few more steps then paused, “Oh, then again maybe that mouse came out of her little hole I can’t get into…” 

Leila quickened her pace now more excited, when she got to the kitchen she saw the mouse being chased by the tarantula. She sauntered to Squeaks, standing over the poor mouse. 

“I wasn’t expecting another meal until dinner,” Leila licked her lips and stretched out her claws to their full length. Crouching down, Leila prepared to pounce.Squeaks just stood there frozen with fear thinking, I’m gonna die with an empty belly. Leila leaped into the air, but before she landed on the mouse, Squeaks snapped out of her trance and dogged Leila. Squeaks scurried over to the cracker cabinet and grabbed three saltines- 2 weeks worth of food- and sprinted toward her cozy mouse hole. Leila was still on her tail- and getting closer. Squeak’s feet flew with fear. Leila braced herself and used all her might to lunge higher and further than ever. But the mouse needed to be faster, and she slid into her cozy home in the wall of the Xeider’s house just as two front paws clicked to the floor. Now safe, Squeaks let out a sigh of relief.


A Game of Cat and Mouse

by Aurora Gilbertson

Squeaks crept out of her mouse hole. She didn’t want to leave her comfy pin-cushion-bed or spool-of-thread table, but she was hungry. She scampered along the floor trying not to make a sound because cats can hear anything. The Xeiders (zee-ders) had two cats, a kitten and its mom, Squeaks didn’t have to worry about the mom, Zeta, but she had a problem with the kitten, Leila. Squeaks almost made it to the cracker cabinet when she let out a squeak and skidded to a stop. She clapped a paw over her mouth, there standing on eight legs right in front of her was the Xeider’s kid’s pet tarantula, Harry. She tried to go around him but he started to chase her around and around the tiled floor in the kitchen. Apparently they were making a lot of  noise because there was a faint click click, when squeaks turned around there was Leila. 

…to be continued…