A Game of Cat and Mouse

by Aurora Gilbertson

Squeaks crept out of her mouse hole. She didn’t want to leave her comfy pin-cushion-bed or spool-of-thread table, but she was hungry. She scampered along the floor trying not to make a sound because cats can hear anything. The Xeiders (zee-ders) had two cats, a kitten and its mom, Squeaks didn’t have to worry about the mom, Zeta, but she had a problem with the kitten, Leila. Squeaks almost made it to the cracker cabinet when she let out a squeak and skidded to a stop. She clapped a paw over her mouth, there standing on eight legs right in front of her was the Xeider’s kid’s pet tarantula, Harry. She tried to go around him but he started to chase her around and around the tiled floor in the kitchen. Apparently they were making a lot of  noise because there was a faint click click, when squeaks turned around there was Leila. 

…to be continued…