Ever Dreamed of a Neighborhood without Traffic?

Then you’ve maybe been dreaming about Bozeman Cohousing. The neighborhood is designed as a neighborhood should be—where communing with neighbors, interacting with kids, and enjoying open spaces such as gardens and yards—isn’t bisected with cars speeding through. Cohousing neighborhoods value connection, healthy living and aesthetic design over the mighty automobile and roads, which tend to carve up neighborhoods, redefine our social engagement, and make life more dangerous and noisy than it needs to be. 

Sure, many cohousers own vehicles, but parking is in a designated area with garages and an open lot. It abuts the community area of homes and shared spaces, and it is convenient to access and walk to from each home. But serving vehicles isn’t a mainstay of the community; instead, it’s a peripheral necessity that is properly designed for.

Building healthy communities that aren’t dominated by vehicles

In most cohousing communities, children as young as two or three can run across the pedestrian path to ring their neighborhor’s doorbell without needing to hold an adult’s hand. By age four or five, children experience a level of freedom within their own neighborhood that is uncommon these days. They can go to the playground or visit the community garden for some fresh raspberries without having to cross a road. Bozeman Cohousing will be without a doubt one of Bozeman’s safest neighborhoods for children.

Another fun note about Bozeman Cohousing and vehicles: We’re doing a car share for anyone who is interested! Also, there will be shared community bikes in addition to plenty of space for your personal bikes.