“Make little decisions with your head and big decisions with your heart.”

Advice from a new member by Anne Johnson

A community created by neighbors with a shared vision for sustainability and connection. Smart, friendly people advancing the project. Contagious enthusiasm, obvious commitment. Expertise right and left. A reasonable timeline. Conceptually, I was all in. But– details. How is the project funded? Who’s designing it? What are the home sizes and configurations? Will I have enough privacy? What exactly am I committing to if I become a member? Will my personal financial situation allow it? Some questions are unanswerable at this point in the project—can I live with some unknowns? And so on and on and on.

I did my research. Read books, looked at other co-housing communities online, spoke with various advisors, friends, Bozeman Cohousing community members. Asked a lot of questions, and more questions. I weighed the facts, the risks, the pros and cons, the ifs/thens. For days, I wanted to make a decision, but there I was, running around and around on a mental hamster wheel. Yes… But… Maybe… What about…?

So one lovely summer evening, I visited the property. Just being there brought a sense of ease. I envisioned the common house, the gardens, the orchards. Well-built homes facing walkways rather than streets. Conversations not spoken over traffic noise. I imagined kids and adults of all ages interacting all around the neighborhood. I could see myself working with others to make real decisions, to support each other, celebrating things both big and little. I could even see “me time” in my cozy new home. The squeaky hamster wheel finally slowed down, and my heart spoke up. And I listened, I heard, and I decided. I’m all in. Join me!