Mini Member Spotlight: Denali

Denali, age 6
by Aurora, age 11

Do you have any pets?

Denali has one pet, a dog named Pickles.

What games do you like to play? 

Denali likes to play a game called “Splendor.” Basically you have different gem tokens and you use those to buy “Noble Tiles.”

Do you play an instrument?

Denali likes to play piano and her favorite song to play is “Short Story.”  She has been playing for 2-3 years. Denali likes that you don’t have to bring it anywhere ;P

Do you like to do art?

She has recently done a watercolor of a pumpkin getting into the fall spirit. Her method was to begin with the outline in pencil, then the green paint of the grass, and then the pumpkin ridges in oranges.

What is your favorite food?

Her favorite food is tacos and sushi. She would have sushi for her birthday, but it’s a special treat because she only eats it once or twice a month.

Do you do a sport?

Denali doesn’t do a sport currently but she used to take dance lessons.

What are you most excited about Cohousing?

Denali is most excited to always have a friend right out her door to play with.