Homes are selling fast. Don’t wait to join!

The progression of a cohousing development is continually moving from the abstract to the concrete.  When Bozeman Cohousing first began in April of 2019, there were only two households, no land, and only a vague vision of what was to come.  As the project has progressed, we secured an amazing 5 acre property only 2 miles from downtown.  We have hired a cohousing consultant, architects, a civil engineer, and a developer.  The site plan has been designed so that we know where the homes and open spaces will be on the property.  We have finalized floor plans for a variety of different sizes and layouts of homes.  As you read this, our architects are now working on the 3D building designs and renderings, which will take the vision out of our heads and on to a piece of paper.  We plan to begin construction in just 9 short months.

Ground level flats are popular for aging in place

Along the way, many new families and individuals have joined to help shape this vision and turn it into a reality.  Over the past few weeks, the number of applicants applying for membership has increased dramatically.  We are starting to have shortages of specific floor plans.  Due to the high demand of 3 bedroom townhouses, we recently voted to switch some of our 2-bedroom townhouses to 3-bedroom townhouses.  We still have a limited number of both of these home types available, but they won’t last long.  Our other most popular home types are the ground level 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom flats, perfect for aging in place or families that want a smaller home but still have access to a private backyard. 

If you have been waiting for the right time to attend a webinar or come to a site tour to learn more about our project, don’t wait any longer.  We currently still have homes available, but they are starting to sell fast.  Haystack Heights cohousing in Spokane, WA recently began construction and set the precedent of having all 39 of their homes pre-sold.  With more people than ever looking for a stronger sense of community and support to help raise their young children or provide stability as they age in place, these homes won’t last long.  Email us today to learn about the homes we still have available.