The Modern Cup of Sugar

“To borrow a cup of sugar” reminds us of our parents’ or grandparents’ days.  If they needed a cup of sugar, an egg, or an onion, they would just pop over to a neighbor’s house and ask.  There are some neighborhoods where this still happens, but too often nowadays we run to the store and buy whatever we need, without stopping to think that it’s not really the cup of sugar that we need.  It is that spontaneous social interaction with our neighbors that really matters. 

Although we don’t live next to each other yet, members of Bozeman Cohousing have been loaning, gifting, and sharing all sorts of items.  Not only has this saved us each money and saved many things from the landfill, but it’s brought us closer together.  Here’s our modern version of the cup of sugar: sampling of what Bozeman Cohousing members have given or loaned to each other over the last year.