We All Need a Village

It may take a village to raise a child, but we forget that adults also need a village and strong social network. Americans aren’t the only ones who have lost sight of this, but we certainly have become one of the leading cultures dealing with what is now commonly known as the “loneliness epidemic.” More people live alone than ever, and more couples and families have become insular instead of regularly folding their lives in with neighbors, relatives and friends. We are busy, we live further from extended family than we did a generation ago, and we can drive directly into a garage with little interaction outside of work and home. 

For many couples today, their sole support system is each other.  Without brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and mothers and fathers living nearby, partners become everything to each other.  There is so much riding on this one relationship that any added stress can send it spiraling towards separation or divorce. When couples and families turn inwards those without a domestic partner feel more alone than ever.

Imagine not hesitating to borrow an egg from a neighbor. Or having regular and meaningful interactions, taking a quick walk, or even harvesting food together with the many people you call neighbors. One of the hallmarks of cohousing—whether in Europe or the States—is the village of strong relationships and support. Bozeman Cohousing is gearing up to be multigenerational with 20-somethings through retirees, and single people, couples and families. We’re looking forward to creating the old-fashioned style neighborhood and village that not only knows how to raise a child, but also gives adults what they need to thrive!