Member Happenings: Fall, felling and reclaiming

The property at Wagon Wheel is starting to transform, just like the gradual changing of the leaves around Bozeman. As we near construction start, cohousers are continuing with preparations around the site during the beautiful fall days we’ve been blessed with.

🌲🌳 Tree harvesting

While we’ve made good effort to preserve some of the larger trees on the land, there were a few specimens that were not in good enough shape to work around. However, these towering spruce trees and a sizable ash tree have been responsibly harvested and the lumber and large timbers will be put to good use in the neighborhood! Thanks to the hard work of community members and friends, we’ll be able to utilize the wood slabs for a nice bar-top in the common house, as well as some natural play structures for the outdoor kids area.

Todd, a very capable feller
The felling crew

👷‍♂️👷‍♀️ House demo

The house on the property is slated for demolition this week. It was cared for by the previous owners for decades, so we can’t help feeling a little bittersweet about its removal. Thanks to the determination of several hard-working folks over the course of a few weekends, we’ve been able to salvage windows, doors, paneling, and decking for future use within the community, along with organizing donations of other useful items.

While this sweat equity will save us on some future project costs around the neighborhood, there are other beneficial impacts as well.

Member Happenings: Cohousers, we get the job done!

Over the course of a few beautiful Montana weekends in August and September, we’re digging in and getting tons of prep work and site beautification done, before construction starts in earnest.

So much incredibly hard work, joyful cooperation, and quality outcomes! It has been a great pleasure to see, hear, and participate in our work days, and really inspiring to note all the expertise, determination, and good humor we have in our community.

Here are the things that got done, in no particular order, with big, huge bouquets of gratitude to everyone who came and worked, and everyone from afar who supported us.

  • Endless thistle pulling and bagging
  • Multiple runs for food and drinks
  • Tender collection of irises and garden beets
  • Heroic clean-out of the tack and vet rooms
  • Trash collection in the house garage
  • Digging the deepest well spigot hole ever
  • Keeping track of the epic swirl of so many happy kids
  • Enthusiastic demolition of paddock leftovers and constructing a new paddock fence
  • Perfectly installing the gate at the bottom of the creek
  • Unstoppable effort building the rest of the steps down to the creek
  • Generous financial contributions for food organized

Photography by our member, Judy – thank you! 

Member Happenings: Summer Creations

Summer in Bozeman is in full-swing, which means more opportunities to get out to our beautiful 5.3 acres and gather for community building, some site prep and enjoying the warm weather (while it lasts!)

Marianne, our resident Art teacher, helped coordinate a household flag making event at the property! Members designed and created flags for their households, planting them on the site of their future homes.

Jodi and Steve, of our Community Building Committee, organized the Great Bozeman Baking Show, Episode 1. Participants each made a Lemon Curd Tart with Olive Oil to bring to the virtual event, and shared their experiences, lessons learned, and variations they tried. The judges all agreed – the results were delicious!

The Bozeman Cohousers have been busy with some cleanup work on the property to help get ready for construction to begin in the Fall! We have a lot of fence posts to pull… thankfully, we also have a lot of heads to figure out the best way to do things! A little cohouser ingenuity, a few willing hands, and a big lever is helping get the job done!

The 4×4 van seemed like it would make quick work of this… but 8″ posts set 4 feet into the ground are pretty dang solid.
A simple lever was the solution!
And… done!

Member Happenings: Spring Serenades

Winter is starting to fade in the rearview as we welcome the longer days and sunshine of Spring in Bozeman! Things are greening up around here, and we’re feeling renewed and optimistic about the great progress we’re making. To breaking ground in a few months, to life returning to a bit more normalcy, to our growing community and new connections!

We joined in some Earth Day activities with some pedal-powered goodness, thanks to new members Dan & Courtney, who lent out their awesome bike-attached blender to whip up some delicious smoothies for the passers-by!

Goats, of course. The kids still provide countless hours of fun and delight, and plenty of snuggles! They’ve even learned a few tricks 🙌 🥇

Aurora offers a gentle song, Circle of Life, to lift Nellie‘s spirits after the loss of her yearling kid

We’re enjoying opportunities to gather and entertain at our future home site!

Jodi and Camas provide some stirring Bach melodies for a beautiful spring picnic at the property

Member Happenings: Spring’s just around the corner (right?)

March in Montana.

Still time for some Winter activities, and a taste of warmer weather to come… until the next snow storm, at least 😉

Cohousers enjoy a pickup hockey game on the outdoor rink at Bozeman’s Southside Park

Baby goats on the way…

Appreciative goats 🙌 😄

Our kids got to ice fish for the first time.  A beautiful sunny day to be on the ice even though we didn’t catch anything.


Glen Lake Rotary Park