Member Happenings: Spring Serenades

Winter is starting to fade in the rearview as we welcome the longer days and sunshine of Spring in Bozeman! Things are greening up around here, and we’re feeling renewed and optimistic about the great progress we’re making. To breaking ground in a few months, to life returning to a bit more normalcy, to our growing community and new connections!

We joined in some Earth Day activities with some pedal-powered goodness, thanks to new members Dan & Courtney, who lent out their awesome bike-attached blender to whip up some delicious smoothies for the passers-by!

Goats, of course. The kids still provide countless hours of fun and delight, and plenty of snuggles! They’ve even learned a few tricks 🙌 🥇

Aurora offers a gentle song, Circle of Life, to lift Nellie‘s spirits after the loss of her yearling kid

We’re enjoying opportunities to gather and entertain at our future home site!

Jodi and Camas provide some stirring Bach melodies for a beautiful spring picnic at the property