Member Happenings: Summer Creations

Summer in Bozeman is in full-swing, which means more opportunities to get out to our beautiful 5.3 acres and gather for community building, some site prep and enjoying the warm weather (while it lasts!)

Marianne, our resident Art teacher, helped coordinate a household flag making event at the property! Members designed and created flags for their households, planting them on the site of their future homes.

Jodi and Steve, of our Community Building Committee, organized the Great Bozeman Baking Show, Episode 1. Participants each made a Lemon Curd Tart with Olive Oil to bring to the virtual event, and shared their experiences, lessons learned, and variations they tried. The judges all agreed – the results were delicious!

The Bozeman Cohousers have been busy with some cleanup work on the property to help get ready for construction to begin in the Fall! We have a lot of fence posts to pull… thankfully, we also have a lot of heads to figure out the best way to do things! A little cohouser ingenuity, a few willing hands, and a big lever is helping get the job done!

The 4×4 van seemed like it would make quick work of this… but 8″ posts set 4 feet into the ground are pretty dang solid.
A simple lever was the solution!
And… done!