Member Happenings: Cohousers, we get the job done!

Over the course of a few beautiful Montana weekends in August and September, we’re digging in and getting tons of prep work and site beautification done, before construction starts in earnest.

So much incredibly hard work, joyful cooperation, and quality outcomes! It has been a great pleasure to see, hear, and participate in our work days, and really inspiring to note all the expertise, determination, and good humor we have in our community.

Here are the things that got done, in no particular order, with big, huge bouquets of gratitude to everyone who came and worked, and everyone from afar who supported us.

  • Endless thistle pulling and bagging
  • Multiple runs for food and drinks
  • Tender collection of irises and garden beets
  • Heroic clean-out of the tack and vet rooms
  • Trash collection in the house garage
  • Digging the deepest well spigot hole ever
  • Keeping track of the epic swirl of so many happy kids
  • Enthusiastic demolition of paddock leftovers and constructing a new paddock fence
  • Perfectly installing the gate at the bottom of the creek
  • Unstoppable effort building the rest of the steps down to the creek
  • Generous financial contributions for food organized

Photography by our member, Judy – thank you!