Member Happenings: Winter Escapes

Bozeman’s own Random Acts of Silliness treated visitors to Story Mill Park to a Menagerie of the Imaginary, filled with friendly, whimsical creatures!

Cedar Allison-Bunnell gets the recipe for Scottish Shortbread, offered by Woolbert, the baking blue mammoth

XC Skiing and Hockey

Enjoying some of Montana’s wide open spaces and natural beauty while traversing on skis and skates.

Raising these kiddos to be ready for playing outside no matter what the weather is easier to do in community. The kids quit complaining that it is only 5 degrees out and instead focus on racing each other to the top of the ski hill! 

Not all cohousers are braving the Montana winter (yet!) — Brendan, Jane Lee currently call Hawai’i home, and recently took time to explore the Big Island and Volcanoes State Park. While Carol enjoys the balmy Colorado winter.

Of course we like to enjoy some good old fashioned grillin’ and chillin’ in the chill.

Spontaneous winter cookout, campfire, and sledding with future cohousing neighbors at the Hyalite Pavilion.  The kids braved the braved the cold and by rotating who was in front of the fire, we managed to keep everyone warm.