Member Happenings: Winter on the way… or here?

Cohousers prepare the barn for the arrival of Zeus the billy goat! 

Our agriculture club decided that three of our does will become mamas this spring: Apple, Sunday, and Trouble. Working on a farm is often a fantasy of kids and our goats allow us all to live this dream with shared responsibility. This new venture in animal husbandry is ripe for all-age learning.

HALLOWEEN pumpkins

The witch cat surveys the possibilities
We carved pumpkins and the kids each named theirs.  Lochlan chose the name “Pumpkin Leif” after our youngest cohousing member.
Mask up!

Firewood Stacking

Every year we get a load of firewood delivered to feed our woodstove for the winter.  The kids love helping to stack the wood.  With young kids, this is the most we can do right now, but I hope that once we live in cohousing, we can have firewood cutting parties.  Imagine a group of friends heading out into the national forest in the winter to harvest firewood to heat out homes for the winter.  Chores like this are made festive by sharing them with a community.  Many of the home types in Bozeman Cohousing have the option for a woodstove.
— Kathleen


Yep. Sometimes we get snow in October — but we make the best of it!

Anna demonstrates proper snow-angel technique
Aurora likes sliding down hills, and so does her Dad.